The Intern Experience

Before the world-wind of “Kedar In Style”, I interned with Scharad as his styling assistant and each time was nothing short of a “blast”! His enthusiasm and passion of photography inspired me to become equally as passionate about my career in fashion! As a team member, he’d always find ways to encourage my craft, particularly by connecting me to other “greats” in the local industry. Let’s just say, without the “Scharad L” brand, the “Kedar In Style” brand would have still be struggling to grow!

– Kedar Clarke: Image Stylist – 



I’ve worked with Scharad a little over a year and I must say it has been a phenomenal experience. There’s is never a dull moment while you’re on the set. It’s always filled with fun, jokes and lots of laughter from charismatic people. The same people who make up a great team of entrepreneurs, small business owners and ambitious people that inspire you to follow your dreams. You also learn and develop qualities and the knowledge needed for running or starting your own business or something as simple as achieving a goal. Like the saying goes: “You are who you surround yourself with”, and with this line of work and group of people you become nothing but a better person.

– Kenton Ferguson: Graphic Designer – 

We’re looking for interns to work along side our team for the next three months or more!

Truth is, we’re very busy here at ScharadL Photography and this is great but now we need help. Our clients keep coming back over and over and they refer their friends and so on and so forth. We are that busy that we’ve decided to take on more team members.

If you looking to see more of what we do visit my portfolio or you can visit my blog to see a more in depth look at certain projects. Take a quick moment to see some behind the scenes images of what working on set looks like.

I started this business over 7 years ago and its grown so much every year. The equipment that I basically used when I first started was not that expensive and even to this day, I dont use a bunch of fancy gear. I rely only on creativity and a hard working team to make life easier.

I have had the pleasure of working with Scharad since Dec 2011. Working alongside him and a dynamic team of young professionals has been an amazing experience. I admire his work ethic and professionalism; which is something I’m sure his clients have come to appreciate as well. His passion for photography & attention to detail is something that I believe escalates the quality of his portfolio; coupled with his creative concepts and raw talent. His dedication to the continuous & positive growth of his brand is quite commendable and I’m sure that in due time, ScharadL Photography will definitely reach international recognition and become a household name.

– Torkel Dawkins: Makeup Artist – 


Our team works very hard on set doing whatever possible to get the best shots! You should decide that if this environment suits your needs then this is the internship for you. If you consider working with us, you should know exactly what you want to gain, since there is no monetary compensation involved.

On set we are are a family, our environment is always energetic and we thrive off of each others’ creativity. It’s ALWAYS an adventure and working with the ScharadL Team is really an experience.  

– Phylicia Allen: Personal Assistant – 

My experience from a team perspective has always been fun. Initially I was skeptical about the new venture however Scharad makes you feel very comfortable and treats you like a partner working for one common goal. I was unveiled to such creativity and vision that  would inspire anyone. The time spent working as a team was exciting motivating and full of exposure and although the experience was one of business I was able to build bonds professionally and socially. Lastly, working with the Scharad L team conveyed to me how important doing what you love matters most. They show you the key elements to building a brand and that’s building a team that will help elevate the brand.

– Katherine Rolle: Make Up Artist-

Our brand focuses on fashion, beauty or glamour, portraits and lifestyle work including weddings. Photographer, Scharad Lightbourne has been able to refine his work over the years resulting in a clean and bold style and as a result the team he has built around him compliments that.

Photography is VERY popular these days and its easy to get lost among so many talented people with varied signature styles. We try to stick to what we know, we keep it simple, we keep it fun and most of all, its very important that the client or our subjects not only feel valued but they get an experience working with us rather than just a picture taking session.


The opportunity to work with ScharadL Photography has been an enriching one to date.  The quality of the work produced is by far “second to none”, and for this reason alone – I often refer them to our clients that are planning their weddings and engagement shoots.   Quality work is by far the best advertisement for any company and they have done a phenomenal job in doing just that.

– Tennille Darville, Bridal Consultant-

I’d like to point out how professional and organized Scharad is. Down to the planning of the shoot to receiving my photos, Scharad and his assistant kept in contact with me for the whole month that we were planning the shoot making sure everything was in place. It was really nice to have fun while working and I can’t wait to work on set again with Scharad and his team!

– Kristen Cartwright, Swimsuit Designer – 

What we need is for you to have some idea of what you’d like to focus on and learn from us. A few things we can offer are:

  • How to photograph subjects and make them feel confident about what they are doing
  • How to better manage or control natural and artificial light
  • How to think outside the box when it comes to photography
  • I learned from watching people take photos – so will you!
  • Working with the gear you already own and if not, improvising!


Scharad always has the best energy and attitude on set. He’s really passionate about his craft which creates amazing team morale about the job we’re all doing

 – Lavonne Alexis: Wardrobe Stylist –

Working with SL, I must say is amazing and an inspiring experience. I love working with people who are passionate and SL & his team are just that. The energy on set is simply incredible which makes for awesome teamwork every time!

– Tomii Culmer: Model – 


Here’s what we’re asking from our Interns:

  • You own a camera and have some understanding of photography
  • You have your own creative ideas (We’re open to suggestions)
  • You are open and dedicated to work and learn with a team
  • You will be available for at least two (2) 8-9 hour photo shoots a month
  • You have some experience working in the fashion field
  • You are versed in some level in either hair, makeup or fashion styling
  • You are punctual, polite and respectful
  • You can commit to working with us for three (3) months (roughly)
  • Possibly accompany us on photo shoots/weddings out of town (with expenses paid)

Everything the Scharad L brand does is based on three principles:

  1. Explore
  2. Experiment
  3. Inspire

I’d like to reiterate that this is a great learning experience but you get out what you put in. I push

my team to be the best at what they do because in the end, it makes everyone look amazing. If

you aren’t willing to work hard, work long hours and push yourself to the limit, this is not the

internship for you. Having some experience in the fashion world or a passion to follow a career

in the fashion industry via photography, makeup, hair or fashion styling would pose a great advantage for

you. As I’m not trying to teach a photography course, you have to take the initiative to learn as

we work together. Hands on learning is the best way to understanding any craft and you will be a part

of a team that transforms a photo-shoot into a real experience, you will meet a diverse range of

clients both locally and internationally, learn better social media management and a host of

other skills.


Understand, this is an internship. You work along with a team of industry professionals, you

follow our advice, instructions and experience and become a true team member. You are

applying because your passion leads you to this career path. Its your job to want to take

yourself from being good to becoming better.



The internship runs from June 15 – August 31, 2014 or later!

Note: It’s better to write as much as you can to help us understand fully what type of team member or skill set you posses.





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