Lucairi Watch 2013 Campaign

Photographing the Lucairi watch 2013 campaign was incredible for me. From the moment CEO, Giorgio Knowles, and I first met on shooting the campaign, I was excited. It was the first watch produced by a local designer that was on a high-end level. He told me his vision for the brand and I immediately took to the campaign. In fact, Giorgio let me know take the reigns and paint out to him, what I thought we should do in terms of a watch ad campaign.

Now personally, I love watches so this added to my excitement even more. Naturally I looked to some of my favorite brands like Breitling, Omega and David Yurman and I studied their past campaigns. I told Giorgio we would need a spokesperson, an ambassador, someone who had a great face and whose personal brand matched that of Lucairi’s.

We went back and forth about whom it should be when in the flash of a moment, I thought CEO of Doctor’s Hospital, Charles Sealy would be ideal! He had taste, style and a timeless look that fit the watch’s brand. Giorgio immediately told me that he had access to him and he was confident that Mr. Sealy would agree to do the campaign, which eventually he agreed to.

We met with Mr. Sealy and conceptualized what our vision was for the shoot. Surprisingly, he took a very hands on approach to his involvement in the campaign getting us access to homes for location backgrounds as well as having some input to what he might wear and what looks best on him, he was a great model to work with.

We matched the look, style, location and everything else to an “island lifestyle” theme and shooting in the Ocean Club Estates was perfect. The highlight of that entire day was getting to photograph a vintage 57′ powder blue and chrome convertible Corvette. Seeing that we are on the heels of Speed Week, I was overjoyed when the car’s owner allowed us to use the car for the photo-shoot.

Check out these official images and video from the Lucairi brand.

Photography: Scharad Lightbourne

Styling: Giorgio Knowles & Scharad Lightbourne

Assisted by Kenton Ferguson & Shawn Hanna

Watch the Campaign Ad


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